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There are times when people feel the need to sit. Though there are different types of furniture that can be sat on, such as the stool, bench etc. But there is the need to sit upright comfortably without having back pains, and the furniture aforementioned cannot provide this because users have nothing to rest their backs on while sitting on them. Hence, the best furniture that would provide great comfort while sitting is the chair. Chairs are made in a way that would ensure that users are able to sit upright comfortably and be able to rest their backs while sitting. Some chairs also have arms that users can place their hands on. This type of chair is called an arm chair.


In times before, chairs were symbolic. They served as symbols for dignity or authority, and were not made for ordinary use.  Chairs still serve as symbol of authority at the House of Commons in Canada and the U.K. Ordinarily, stools and benches were the seats of a common man and as such, there were limited chairs. The chairs available were for symbolic purpose.

In some centuries later, more chairs began to exist but they were used by those in position and authority. In Egypt for example, the Pharaoh usually sits on a throne which was usually designed with precious materials. Chairs began to be used by the common man in the 16th century.

Chairs are made with four legs and a back, but in some cases, they could be made with 3 legs or in a different shape. Chairs are created from a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, leather etc and they might be upholstered in different fabrics and colors. Chairs can be used in different rooms in a home like the dining room, living room etc. They can also be used in other places like offices, schools, halls etc

Furniture Chairs

Furniture Chair comprises of all chairs that are made. There are different types of furniture chairs such as a couch, recliner, arm chair, sofa etc. These chairs are needed for sitting as users derive maximum comfort and satisfaction while sitting on them. Furthermore, these furniture chairs are made in various designs, sizes and shapes. This brings out the aesthetics in the chairs and thus, makes the room attractive and pleasant to the eyes. With these chairs, one is able to choose out of a lot of variety, as each type of chair has its distinctive feature.

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