Furniture Chest Of Drawers – A piece of furniture with added storage

A neat and tidy room surely looks good to the naked eye, but it takes a lot of effort to maintain it. There are some items which are difficult to store as they are scattered everywhere. You can’t keep them in the store room as they are often used. A Furniture chest of drawers is the storage option is the solution to your problem.

A Furniture chest of drawers consists of chest of drawers with varying width, depending on the use, and usually have three to five drawers. There are various types of them available and are cheap and offer enough storage space for small scattered items. They are spacious and you can store various items ranging from clothes, jewelry to shoes. Apart from storing stuff, Furniture chest of drawers can be used as table as well. Just pun on some cushions on them and you can use it for sitting as well.

There are different types of Furniture chest of drawers to choose from. Here are a few of them.

White Gloss Chests:

The Glossy chest reflects the natural light coming in the room and lightens up the room. They are ideal for sleek and modern rooms where light enters only from one side. They are available in many sizes and offer plenty of space to store clothes.

French Chests:

This kind of furniture chests of drawers feature spotless soothing details and fancy legs. But they get their visual appeal due to the light colored, such as cream, ivory or white, painted finish and hence are costlier than other Chests. They offer enough storing space and can sufficiently store your clothes.

Tall Chests:

This type of chests fit perfectly on contemporary, electric rooms. The size of this furniture is such that it provides an important and much needed storage space for clothing and personal items such as socks, underwear and other small clothing. And hence makes it a perfect room accessory. They are ideal for bedrooms with minimum space. On the other hand, if placed in the living room, they can be used to store board games, magazines, newspapers, DVD’s and many more things.

Small white chests:

The small size of this chests make them a perfect fit for your children’s room. They can use it to store their books, toys without any help. If you don’t want to keep it there, you can use it as a TV stand and store other small materials in it.

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