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Furniture Guide – Cloth Headboard

A bed without a headboard is like a crown with jewels. A headboard crowns a bed, beautifies and supports the frame and structure of a bed as well as enhances the glamour of your bedroom. There are different types of headboards in American Furniture and each type is designed for a unique special purpose. The diversity of the furniture is self-spoken in America, same is the case with headboards. You can find variety of stuff in each type of headboard; there are many different types of headboards by function and type – upholstered headboards, storage headboards, cloth headboards, etc.

Why Use a Bed with Headboard?

  • If you a bed with headboard, it will be secure and more durable than using it without one.
  • Headboards come with different styles and themes. Thus, a bed with headboard looks more stylish and beautiful. In a bedroom, a bed is the main focus point, if bed itself looks elegant, it eventually makes the whole bedroom glamorous and versatile.
  • Headboards, along with style and glamor, also serve different useful purposes. For example, storage headboards provide you with extra space to store your stuff, bookcase headboards come with bookshelves to place your favorite books and other stuff in there.

Bookcase Headboard:

A bookcase headboard consists of bookshelves and drawers. If your primary hobby is reading and you love to read a good book before you go to sleep than surfing TV channels or any other activity, then you must go with a bookcase headboard. Suppose, you can’t sleep at time and all you need to do right now is to read a book, if you have a bookcase head board, your favorite books will be at hand, just grab one and start reading. Plus, if you need to keep a collection of bed time stories for your children in their bedroom, bookcase headboard will be perfect for them.

Upholstered Headboard:

An upholstered headboard consists of a metal or wooden frame, but what makes it unique is, it’s softly coated with leather or some fabric like, silk, velvet, etc. It is designed so to support your back and give you a soft touch. If you have an upholstered headboard, you don’t need even cushions or pillows to support your back.

Cloth Headboards:

Like upholstered headboards, cloth headboards are also fabricated with a soft fabric like velvet or silk for sake of comfort while sitting. Normally, their frame is manufactured by wood, and externally coated with fabric. It gives a sofa feeling from back which you sit back in the bed.

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