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Get a Furniture Chest for your Home Use

A Chest is a piece of furniture traditionally like a rectangular box with handles for lifting. It is storage furniture. In the 18th century, a chest was designed as a box for storing clothing, food, and materials, especially when on a journey. On a horse wagon, a chest is often used as the seat, though containing personal items. The treasure chest was then popular for storing gold coins and other precious metals.

However, today, chest has been designed for multi-faced purposes. The design styles have equally changed from traditional to a modern look.

Design material of furniture chest

Primarily, wood and metals are used for most chests found in our homes. Solid wood like oak which is resistant to insect and fungus attack is employed in the design of contemporary furniture chest. Wood is durable and if when polished and cleaned, retains its shine for a very long time.

Metal engravings of brass or bronze alloy are a common design of chests. This leaves an artistic crafting on the chest. Upholstered materials are dominant today in chest designs. A mix of some beautiful fabrics and leather is used to give a smooth textural feel that brings the modern appeal in this home furniture.

Description of the contemporary furniture chest

A look at the various designs today, you can picture chest with different styles.

Box chest

This appears to be the first group of chests designed and are still well in use with different range and sizes. Some are small sized to hold jewelry and other precious items for safe keeping. They are usually pulled open with a lid or handle.

Chest of drawers

This is perhaps the most common today. Chest of drawers is used for all manner of storage in the rooms. Clothes, toys, and books can be kept in these drawers. They come in different sizes and drawer numbers. There are single, double and even triple drawer chests in the market.

Table-sized chests

These are lower-height chests used in homes. The surface can as well serve as a display platform for items frequently used. A mirror is fixed or can be placed on it when dressing up.

Cylindrical shaped chest

These are really not common brands but exist as a style among others. They  tends to look more like a local pot design with beautiful engravings.

Most furniture chests are placed against the walls in the rooms to allow for space for other activities.

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