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Get to Know the Bunk bed Frames that suits you

Many parents are at a fix at what type of bunk bed to go for. With the saturation in the bunk bed market, deciding which to go for can still be a hard call. Possibly, what you actually need to know is the design styles and types available to discover that bunk bed frame. In this article, I’ll take you just through that.

A frame is the design structure of the bunk bed.  That is, the skeletal part you buy without the mattress on it.

Bunk bed frames are defined according to the different sizes of the mattress it can hold.


This is the standard bunk bed. If what you’re looking for is having the same size of mattress both at the top and the bottom, then this is your right choice. It can sleep more than two kids.

Twin Bunk bed Frames

This is a smaller size mattress compared to full. Both top and bottom have the same size as of mattress. It is a simple design that frees-up space for kids to play around. It is appropriate to sleep two kids- one up and one down.

Twin over full Bunk bed Frames

Twin over full bunk bed frames have the twin mattress at the top but a full or larger one at the bottom.

The frames above are considered the commonest around with different styles to add a modern look. The styles come in different variants you can choose from.

Styles of Bunk Bed Frames

Frame types are embellished with different styles to give them that attractive look that you’ll want to buy. It’s normal; everyone wants to be in-touch with the latest trends.

Bunk Bed Frames with a Ladder

This is a popular brand by all standards. To reach the top bunk, a ladder is the way up- suitable for a bit older kids who won’t find the adventure a hassle.

Bunk Bed Frames with Stairs

If your kid is kind of shaky on ladders, then get the stairs style. They mostly come as drawer stairs with wide enough bases and a side guide to easily find the way up.

Bunk bed frames with Slide

Children like sliding.With a slide at one end and the ladder or stairs at the other, coming down from the top will be a lot of fun.

There is much more on this, make further research and deciding would be a lot easier.

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