Cool Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent, Multicolor: Kitchen

bunk bed slide sold separately

Well, the child in you has asked and the universe has provided. If you thought bed time couldn’t get any more interesting, you couldn’t have been more wrong. Check out the new and interesting designs of bunk bed slides. These handy devices allow you to have fun while for a while, just before getting some sleep.

Can I use the bunk bed slide as an adult?

Ideally, I would feel that it would not be a wise idea to have an adult in a bed that has a slide. Not only would it be really funny but a weird idea to even have it around when your friends come over. That being said, a bunk bed slide can be the ideal present for your kids, especially if they randomly throw a tantrum when they have to get to bed.

What is the right age to give your child a bed like this?

I would think that it would be wise to give your child one, but they would grow out of it by the time they turn into teenagers. Children like fun things like bunk beds, bunk bed slides or even race car beds and this seems like the perfect thing especially since children give their parents a difficult time when it comes to heading to bed. I remember having a friend who used to fall asleep putting his daughter to sleep while she used to leave and go about the house making a mess.

What are the positive aspects of a Bunk bed Slide?

There are a lot of positive aspects of having a bunk bed with a slide. For one you can save the space in the room instead of having two separate beds. Other than that, if you have one kid, you can use the second bed for your kids play stuff. Considering that there is already a slide attached to the bed, it would be perfect for a mini park like set up.

You have to make sure that your kids don’t sleep with their play things since they could end up poked or injured. Ideally, a bunk bed like this would make an amazing and interesting addition to all the toys that you kid has. If your kid has to upgrade from the cot, this should be the first type of bed that you should look at getting. Your only concern is making sure that it is not too close to the roof, which would make it difficult for the top sleeper to fit in.

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