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Guide to Buy a Futon Bunk Bed

If you plan to buy a bunk bed and you have chosen furthermore a futon bunk bed, then you must be proud of your decision. Futon bunk bed is one of the most elegant, versatile and useful pieces of furniture, manufactured in America. In this article, we will discuss why we should purchase a futon bunk bed, how to purchase one and how to furnish efficiently your home with it.

Why Futon Bunk Bed?

There are four common types of bunk beds:

  • Standard
  • Loft
  • Trundle
  • Futon

All four types are very efficient, useful and multipurpose, but why should we choose a futon bunk bed? Futon bunk bed is very versatile type of bunk bed. It contains a lofted bed in the bottom which serves as a sofa in the day and at night it can be converted easily into a bed to sleep in. Futon is a real space saver, and in particular if you have small room or apartment, bunk beds also come with compartments and drawers to let you deal with your stuff.

Another advantage of the futon is, if your kids don’t compromise on sleep and don’t want to share a bed then futon bunk bed is the solution to your problem; it’s perfect for a sleepover.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Futon Bunk Bed:

Here are some guidelines to follow whenever you make up your mind to purchase a futon bed.


As futon is going to serve as a sofa too, you must keep it in mind if you are compatible with the height of ceiling or not. Usually, there’s a two-foot gap between bottom and ceiling. Before you make the purchase, it’s better to make sure that height is not a problem, than bumping your head with ceiling later.


Measure the space where you are going to place your futon bunk bed. You don’t want your place to look congested. If your room is small, you should seriously consider where to place your bed; so, it may save the maximum space and make your room look bigger.


If you purchase a futon for kids, then you must take safety measures before you buy the bed. Check if the railing of the top bed is high enough and the ladder is stable and secure enough to climb.


Bunk beds are manufactured with different materials. So, choose a material freely, which is suitable for you.


Layout and placement of futon matters a lot. As it is basically a space saver, you must place it such a way that it saves the maximum space of your bedroom or sitting area. Style and designs of futon vary according to scenarios; either it is for kids or an adult use it. So, you can decorate it accordingly.

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