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How to care for leather recliners?

No matter where you have placed recliners in your home, there is a need to clean them in order to prolong their life. Leather recliners especially need special care. If you have kids or pets at home, then these need frequent cleaning at a deeper level. What people do not really understand is that cleaning leather recliners is quite easy. Following simple techniques can breathe life into them and keep them fresh.

Carry out regular vacuum cleaning

This process helps you to remove specks of dust particles from your recliner. You need to vacuum clean your recliner at least once in a week. When you are planning to do a deep cleaning, make sure that you initiate the process with a thorough vacuuming. Make sure that the steps are gentle or else there would be scratches in your leather. Open your recliner so that you can reach all the spots.

Dilute the cleaning solution

You can prepare a cleaning solution by making use of any commercial cleaner. Add cleaning solution to warm water. A lot of people are fond of using saddle soap which can easily be found at feed or hardware stores.

Wash the recliner cleanly

Dip a rag into the cleaning solution that you have prepared. Make sure to expel the excess water. Use the damp rag to clean your recliner. Do not soak the leather with water or else you may end up damaging your recliner. Do not forget to miss crannies and nooks.

Remove the cleaner

Once you have used the cleaning solution all over your recliner, make sure to wipe it with a damp rag that has been soaked with clean water. Remove the cleaner entirely.

Dry the recliner completely

Once you are done with wiping the leather recliner entirely, make sure to dry it with a clean rag. Be careful while doing so.

Oil your leather recliner

Few leathers look amazing when coated with a preservative oil. You need to oil your leather recliner on a regular basis. This will help in preventing cracking. Read all the instructions before cleaning your leather recliner.

Treatment of stains

You need to blot a stain if there is any. You should not scrub the strain harshly.
Following simple steps can help you keep your leather recliners looking amazing for a long time. These will serve their purpose well no matter whether they have been placed in the living room or elsewhere.


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