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How to keep nightstands clutter free?

People tend to use up a lot of space in their bedrooms. This makes nightstand the key for stacking things. If you are wondering how to keep nightstands clutter free, then here are some tips for your rescue. You can follow these for placing the night time essentials at hand instead of making use of them for dumping extra things.

Opt for shelves that are clear

You need to opt for nightstands that do not consume much space.  You can consider having a table with a mirror finish so that it bounces light in your bedroom. You can also consider surrounding your bed with glass shelves. This creates an airy and light feeling and also offers you enough storage space. You can place books, glasses and a reading lamp on your nightstand and everything would seem organized and neat.

Create an impression of open floor space

Having a diminutive nightstand in a small bedroom can work wonders. You need to opt for feet that can create an impression of more floor space. Leave some space for glass of water. You can only display pieces of art rather than accumulating junk.

Go for built-in functionality

For a modern and sleek vibe, you need to go for nightstands that offer impressive functionality. A smartly designed nightstand not just looks good but makes space for a lot of items to be stored within. Consider wood pieces with drawers. This would make sweeping the clutter quite quick.

Use trays for organizing your nightstands   

You can use a serving tray for storing small items on your nightstand. This trick works great for coffee tables and kitchen counters as well. You can consider using silver, ceramic and lacquered trays over your bedside table. You can consider adding a pop of color with this trick for organizing your nightstand.

Consider the option of customization  

There are several cases in which it becomes difficult to find a nightstand can be perfect. This is when one can go for a customized nightstand. You can opt for a sleek nightstand that offers a lot of storage space in the form of deep drawers. You can consider adding drama in your bedroom by placing an oversized lamp on your nightstand. This would create a dramatic effect and rev up the look of your bedroom. Follow these simple tips and keep clutter at bay at your nightstand.

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