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How to paint dining room chairs?

There are times when we feel like giving our dining room a makeover for a fresh look. If you do not want to invest too into something too much expensive, then you can consider a simple option of painting your dining room chairs. This process is simple, inexpensive and fun. The task can be accomplished in simple steps mentioned in this article.

Clean the surface

You need to clean the surface of your dining room chairs initially. You need to pick a stripping method before initiating the process. You can consider chemical stripping. This is because it removes the nannies and crooks. You can also consider a sander. It is entirely your choice. Instructions would be furnished on the chemical stripper you would be using. Follow them diligently.

Remove the paint   

Once you have put the chemical stripper on your dining room chairs you need to wait for thirty minutes. Use a washcloth or sponge to check whether the paint is coming off easily or not. If it is not coming off, then you need to leave it a little longer. Periodic checking will help you know when it is done. You can rub or scrap off later. Make sure to be safe while using a chemical stripper. Removing old paint is not an easy task.


Priming is a wonderful step especially if you are planning to paint your dining room chairs white. You will get a preview of how the finish product would look like. Priming is a simple step. You need to apply a light coat on the surface and let the chairs dry for a minimum period of 24 hours.


If there are any imperfections, you can use a sandpaper for scraping them off. Finally, paint the entire set of your chairs for the look that you are desiring.

Apply protectant

You need to use a protectant on your dining table chairs as you will be using these chairs often. Apply a coat of protective finish. A thin layer will do. You need to wait until it dries off completely. You can then consider adding an additional coat on your dining table. It would be better if you consider waiting for 72 hours for the coat to cure completely. Make sure to consider this step while you are painting your dining room tables for an extra layer of protection. This would ensure that your tables would look amazing for a long time.

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