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How to use a love seat for decorating your living room?

A traditional sofa cannot be always accommodated in each and every living room due to space restrictions. However by opting for a love seat you can successfully make the quarters to look from extremely tight to less stuffed. In addition you also have the option to try out the merging trend in furnishing such as mixing the furnishing pieces rather than matching the same.

Small sofa syndrome

The love seat you choose should possess the ability to make a visual noise in-spite of having the issue of a big footprint. This is mainly due to the fact that the love seats will very much likely serve as the important focal element in the living room. If you extra space available then you can pull the love seat forward into a group by combining the same with extra slipper chairs. This will allow you to develop a centre-stage presence. The group can be paired with cushions which have bright or rather bold prints such as grassy green, sunny yellow, big patterns as well as primary red.

Back to Back

You can even make your love seat to pop up by backing it up against a contrasting yet stylish coloured wall. Wallpaper stripes as well as Vertical paints usually have the ability to lift a low ceiling room visually as they carry the eye in an upward direction. In addition they also render the seating arrangements to appear a bit longer. In contrast, horizontal lines visually make the room to look wider, but rather accentuate the lack of length of the love seat. If you opt for a “quiet” scheme that is rather mono-chromatic then place a portion of the love seat against a light shaded wall colour. Ensure that the shade of the wall must be lighter than the fabric of the love seat.

Balancing furniture

If you are not successful in balancing your love seat with an object of similar size in the floor plan then the room can appear to be lean. You can place it across a fireplace or even a low bookcase. Make sure to include the elements which are proportional and do not try to clutter the room with excess of accessories.

Additional seating

Small house or Comfortable apartment living implies adding stylish as well seating arrangements for guests who are unexpected or for planned occasions such as a get-together. Few options may include placing a shelved storage bench to be positioned under a window or to use ottomans which can be tucked under coffee table. Few love seats can also convert itself in a sofa bed, which in turn can serve as a sleeping quarter.

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