Irvine Kids Bedroom Furniture, 5 Drawer Chest Bedroom Chest

Install a wooden chest of drawers in your bedroom for storage

luxury bedroom will help in storage and get rid of  all the riff raff and keep your bedroom spic and span. The top drawer which is lined with faux leather is generally used to keep jewelry items so you can easily find them and use them whenever you are going out. The second drawer can be used to store you clothes and so on. This leaves the bedroom well spruced up without anything out of place.

Get a large chest of drawers to match your bed

This chest of drawers is functional as well as enhances the look of the bedroom.  It is made of quality wood like sheesham which is very beautiful. It has large symmetrical drawers which provide plenty of room for storage. It can be used to accommodate quilts and shawls in your bedroom or it can be used in the dining room as a side board for keeping crockery.

You can have a large mirror above it and double it as a dresser. The top can be used to keep souvenirs or photo frames. It is available in two types of finish.

Fit a chest of drawers in your dining room for additional purposes

luxury bedroom in the dining room can be used as a sideboard where you can store cutlery or crockery which is not used regularly. You can have a wide choice in the type of wood you can have the chest of drawers like walnut, passion mahogany, provincial teak or colonial maple.

These chest of drawers can accommodate all the crockery that could not be accommodated in the built in wall cupboard in the dining room.

Enhance your living room with a chest of drawers

These drawers can be constructed with colonial maple finish and provide an aesthetic setting to the living room. The drawers in this chest can be used to store all the furnishing that is used to decorate the living room like curtains and table covers and centers that are used for the center table and the other tables and corners in the living room.

Besides storing the furnishings it can take care  of everything that should not be kept lying around  making the place look a mess like the children toys and dolls. The different games of puzzles can also be accommodated here.

So if you are deciding to get a chest of drawers, look up at the ones mentioned above  and decide what type of chest you like to buy and where you will place it.

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