Ameriwood Home Skyler Twin Bed with Reversible Headboard, Multiple Colors Kids



Beds are very important in the homes, in fact they are indispensable. Beds are needed for sound, quality and comfortable sleep. Having a comfortable sleep is advantageous to humans as sleeping helps the body positively. By sleeping well, the body gets healthier and develops daily. Furthermore, there are other gains attached to sleeping well, like reduction of stress, improvement of the heart and the general well being of the body. To sleep well, one needs a good bed. A good bed is a bed made with fine and quality leather or foam that would ensure that ensure a comfortable and cozy sleep for bed users. Beds are made with different features. One of these features is the headboard.


The headboard is a part of furniture that is attached to the head of the bed. In times before, they were used to isolate bed users from cold and draft in buildings that minimally insulated. They were made of wood because woods are not as thermally conductive as bricks and stones. They prevented falling colder from sinking onto the beds by allowing it sink to the floor. In modern times, headboards are used for aesthetic purposes and utilitarian functions like preventing pillows from falling from the bed. They also could create space for storage of books and other personal items. Most times, headboards are complemented with footboards to balance the aesthetics. Due to the fact that headboards are no longer used for their primary function, but are used for aesthetic purposes; headboards have been created for kids too. Hence, kids have headboards for their beds. This type of headboard is regarded as Kids Headboard.

Kids Headboards

Kids Headboards are headboards made for aesthetic purpose. They help to brighten the bed and the room in general. Normally, kids’ rooms are colorful. The rooms are painted with different colors that would brighten up the room and bring out a sense of appeal that would be attractive to the kids. The headboard also does this by complementing the beauty of the room. These headboards are designed plainly to attract kids. For example, drawings like action figures, images and such other paintings are made on the headboards. Furthermore, kids’ artwork can be displayed on the headboards and as such make it an art gallery for them.  Images from kid’s favorite books can also be placed on the headboard. There are different examples of Kids Headboards such as NE Kids Headboard, Hillsdale NE Queen Kids Headboard in stone, Hillsdale Molly Queen Kids Headboards etc

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