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Lean Back and Relax in your Narrow Recliners

A recliner, also known as reclining chair, armrest or a lounger, is basically a chair or a sofa that reclines when the occupant lowers its back. A recliner has a backrest such that it can be tilted back and a footrest which can be extended up with the help of a lever. Depending on the make of the chair, this footrest can also be extended automatically when the back of the chair is pushed a little. Now-a-days these recliners come with adjustable features such as lumbar support and a headrest. They also have a footstool which maximizes the comfort by adjusting itself according to the weight and angle of the user’s leg. Recliners are widely classified in two types- Recliners with casters, which are generally used in nursing homes, hospitals, theatres etc. And Narrow Recliners.

These Narrow Recliners are usually small and made in such a way that they occupy as minimum space as possible. Hence they are a great option for flats with limited space.  The Narrow Recliners come in various models based on the size, type of material used, various features etc. Let us look at the various types of Narrow Recliners used.

Rocker Recliners:

Unlike traditional recliners, Rocker recliners are the ones in which the footrest can be set up with the help of a lever but the back doesn’t recline all the way back. This makes Rocket recliners more suitable for small rooms as you can position it closer to the wall. Compared to the traditional recliners, these recliners cost slightly more but still lie among the most affordable type category of recliners.

Push-Back Recliners:

Also called as the flex-back recliners, Push-Back recliners do not have a built-in footrest and it only requires you to push the back of the recliner to recline. Since its back is the only moving part in this chair, it takes less space than the Rocker Recliner and is cheaper than the Rocker Recliner.

Riser Recliner:

Being the most expensive type of the Narrow Recliners category, Riser chairs are extremely versatile as they have built-in motors which help the occupant to recline and lift upward/downward depending on the need. Hence they are perfect for individuals suffering from injuries or physical disabilities. They require a lot of space and should be placed away from the walls. These recliners come in two models-single motor and dual motored. Single-motor recliner consists of two button control pad which manipulates both the reclining and rising of motor. These recliners can recline up to 45 degrees only. In dual motor recliner, two separate motor manipulate the back and the footrest of the recliner respectively. They have 4 button control pad to operate the back and footrest and have ability to recline fully.

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