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childrens bunk beds with storage stairs

In my childhood, I had a friend who had to share his room with his brother and I thought it boring as I had to do the same but for him it was the like the best thing that had happened to him. I used to be like- because you have to share the room, you have two beds which minimizes the space to play. So why are you happy about it? So instead of answering the question, he decided to take me to his place. That was the first time I saw a Kids bunk bed. I was so awestruck by seeing it that I went straight home and cried in front of my mother to buy us (me and my brother) a Kids Bunk Bed.

Now a bunk bed is a special type of bed which stacks one bed frame on the top of another. What makes this bed special is its ability to allow two people sleep while occupying the minimum floor space at the same time. This helps in maximizing the floor usage for other activities. Whereas a Kids Bunk Bed usually comes with a little more than just two frames stacked upon one another. They have a special drawer for storing the toys or a study table or a space dedicated for books, lamps etc.

 Let us look at the various types of Kids Bunk Beds

A Loft Bed:

This Bunk Bed for Kids only has the top bunk and has open space underneath. This space usually is occupied by a study table, drawers or even a small doll house for your infant. Some loft beds also come with a slide attached to the side opposite to the ladder so that your toddler gets to slide inside the house.

An L-Shaped Bunk Bed:

An L-shaped bunk bed is arranged in such a way that the bottom bed is at right angle to the top bed. When viewed from above, the beds form a L. This type of bed is usually placed at the corner of the room giving you some extra breathing space for other stuffs.

Triple Bunk Bed:

As the name suggests, a triple bunk bed consists of three stacks of bed placed one over the other and come in different shapes. The two prominent shapes being the normal I shape in which three stacks are placed exactly one above the other and T shape in which the middle stack is placed perpendicular to the other two so that when you look from above, a T shape is formed.

After reading the above description, you might have got the idea of how much space they will save and how cool the Kids Bunk Beds will look if placed properly in the room.

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