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Kids grow up so fast and as they grow their needs and demands change. For instance, their bedroom stops becoming the place they go to sleep instead it becomes their own private zone. It becomes the room that they prefer doing most of their activities in. It’s because of this that you should consider getting a kid’s bunk bed with desks and more importantly a loft bed. This ensures that the kid has room to study and do other activities as well in their room.

What’s a loft bed?

A loft bed is a type of bunk bed that contains a bed at the top and something else at the bottom. The bottom part could either be storage or desks, it depends. It can be defined as a bunk bed with storage and a desk built into one piece of furniture. The storage is usually in the form of a dresser. The bed isn’t best used when there are multiple kids in a single room. It’s an awesome choice for when you need to save space.

Why use a loft bed over other bunk beds?

The loft bed is unique in its look, so deciding to use this as a kid’s bunk bed with desks will mean that             you add something unique to the room. In addition, these beds can really save space as they can have a dresser and desk at times built together. This frees up the space in the room for other things. In addition to all that, the bed gives your child their very own personal space. It enhances the room and so the child can feel more respected as they have their own creative space.


There are other types of bunk beds in the market. In our own opinion, we find the loft bed to be the best option. It does help save some money, not very much, but even the slightest bit counts. It also adds to the style of the room with its unique design which is great. If you’re looking to encourage privacy in your child’s room, then the loft bed is a good place to start. Of course, there are some things to consider when buying a loft bed such as the material used to make the bed, your budget and much more. For us, the loft bed is the best option for your child.

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