There are times when small places in our house do not accommodate the tasks we want to do in that space. When people run out of floor space, they build up to design extra space by building lofts beds for kids as well as adults. It is space saving and utilitarian but also fun to sleep on loft beds. There are a lot of playful ideas that you can implement to make the loft beds look cool and fun for the kids.

Some of the uses of loft bunk beds kids in small spaces are listed below:

  1. Storage Space

The most common use of a loft bunk beds kids in any new found space is storage. Many beds available in the market are equipped with built in closet systems, hangers and rods for clothing and drawers. You can also build in drawers if the ones provided is not sufficient and sometimes full sized loft beds provide excellent under bed storage.

  1. Work Space

The work space loft bunk beds kids is a preferred choice for dorm rooms and kid’s rooms. For this kind of bed, built in drawers, desks, task lighting and computer stations are offered.

  1. Entertainment Space

If you to make that area where a loft bed is keep into an entertainment space, installing audio and video equipment along with space for cd’s storage will be apt. you can also keep a couch, sofa or few chairs in the front to make it a cozy living room to watch movies and play video games.

  1. Guest Space

Any space under a full sized loft bed is a lot more and functional than a simple sleep space. Keeping a loft bed or maybe a futon can act as a seating area in the daytime and extra sleep space for the guests overnight. Many loft beds in the market are also available with reading lights and side tables. With the changing trends in the market, super deluxe beds with twin upper beds and lower double beds are available with a staircase that makes it the most perfect space for guests.

  1. Fun Space

If your kid is into theatre and is an aspiring thespian, hang some curtains in front of the full sized loft bed to make the space stage for practicing of your kid. Which kid wouldn’t want his/her space for theatrical practice of plays or dance?

For people that have limited space at their homes, a full size loft bed is a great choice. They offer the much needed space for storage, work and play space at a very low price than what would cost you to build an additional space for the same.

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