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Make children’s room a fun place with small bunk beds

When space is a constraint the available space should be used for maximum advantage. When you have small bunk beds for the children in their room it provides place for two people to sleep besides a trundle provides storage space which can be used for sleeping if a friend stays over for the night. The trundle can accommodate all the riff raff and keep the bedroom neat.

 Create a cozier place for your kids with small bunk beds

Ellery small bunk beds are made with a strong wood frame which makes them sturdy and stable. The top bunk is provided with railings to prevent the child sleeping on top to fall down. The little ones find it very interesting to climb the ladder to go to the top bunk to sleep. The ladder is in a fixed position.

There are wooden slats for the bunk beds to place the mattress. 16cm should be the depth of the mattress to be used for the top bunk. This bunk bed costs 130 pounds and needs to be assembled when it arrives.

Small bunk beds to save space in the children’s room

There are different types of bunk beds available, like metal frame or wood frame besides size,  shape, design and color so take the time to choose the right one to fit in your kid’s room. Built-in bunk beds are ideal with storage drawers for storing the children’s toys and clothes.

The beds are made of hardwood which is strong and stable for the children to sleep. The ladder is fixed on one side and the top bunk has railings to prevent the child from falling down. Each bunk has a night lamp by the side to help the children to read if they like to before going to sleep.

White bunk bed to provide comfortable sleeping atmosphere

This bunk bed is constructed from pine and MDF wood to make it strong and durable. It can also be split into two single beds when required. The ladder can be fitted to the left or the right. It is white in color which is ideal for the girls room or the boys room. The classic design can accommodate a single bed mattress.

Wood slats are fixed on the bed to place the mattress. These beds are right for growing families and the design can be modified when required.

If you are interested in installing small bunk beds for your kid’s room then go through the ones mentioned above and make your choice.

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