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Metal Bed Headboards Sleek designs will give your Bed a Modern Touch

Among design materials for beds, metals are second on the list in terms of popularity just coming behind wooden designs. If you want a bed frame looking somewhat of value and royalty, metals will give you that look. The use of metals such as brass, wrought iron and bronze add such preciousness to your bed to make it stand out. If adding modern touch means much to you then go metals way.

Bed frames of metal bed headboards

Metal beds are in different sizes ranging from the twin, queen, down to the king size. The twin is the smallest in the pack having a mattress size of 39 inches by 75 inches. The full size which is a medium range measures 54 inches by 75 inches. The king size, one of the largest in the group measures 76 inches by 80 inches. Metal bed frames have sleek look and often less of weight compared to wooden bed frames. Quality metals like wrought iron are much popular in designs, most likely because of their malleability, resistance to rust and light weight.

Metal bed headboards patterns

There are different headboards design patterns you can choose from the numerous patterns available

In designing headboards, metal bed headboards have peculiar designs. They often come in strands having hollow spaces which customarily give them a lightweight. The top are designed to carry shapes to add beauty to their look. Shapes such as ace and diamond adorn some of the designs. They have various designs which can be mounted to a wall or be fitted to the bed head. Different colors such as brown, black and gold are coated on them to give that precious metal look.

Maintaining your metal bed headboards

Dust is always visible on metals and therefore blurring the shine it gives. Keeping your headboards always shining is quite simple as metals get cleaned easily. To clean your metal bed headboards what you just need is a damp cloth and that would be just enough to give you that shine you want. For an old headboard, you can carry out a repainting or polishing to bring back the luster as if  were a new one again. Metal headboards, for this reason, can last for a very long time in as much the re-coating is done when there is a rusty appearance.

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