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Having chairs in a place is very essential. With these chairs, people can sit upright in a comfortable manner. Before chairs were used, people sat on the floor, benches, stools and chests. This made sitting difficult and uncomfortable for people. They were unable to sit and relax properly. Hence, they experienced great pains on parts of their body, most especially their backs. However, with chairs, these situations were eradicated as people are able to sit with great comfort and in style too. The fine leather and sophisticated cushions used in making the chairs makes it very cozy and comfortable for users. Apart from this, chairs are made in various designs, shapes, colors, fabrics etc. With this, people could pick out of a wide range of options. There are different types of chairs and one of such is the recliner.


A Recliner is a sofa or armchair that reclines when the occupant lowers the seat’s back and lifts the front of it. It possess a back rest that can tilt backwards, and sometimes has a footrest that can be extended by the use of levers that are by the chair’s side or automatically as a result of the reclining of the chair’s back. A recliner is also regarded as a lounger, reclining chair or arm chairs

Most recliners of this era do have a headrest that can be adjusted, lumbar support and a footstool that is able to adjust with the weight and position of the occupant’s legs in a bid to ensure and enhance utmost comfort. Recliners have other features like heat, vibration and massage. There are also some recliners that are accessible to wheel chairs. These recliners can be slept on as users are able to stretch and relax on them. This is common in trains, airplanes and also at homes. There are some recliners with casters. These kinds of recliners are created for medical environments, as they are used in hospitals and nursing homes. There are different types of recliners. One of such is the Mission Recliner.

Mission Recliner

Mission recliners are recliners that mostly used in the living rooms. They have a traditional type of appearance and are very beautiful. They are naturally made of strong, durable and fine woods and later on upholstered. Mission recliners have a smooth reclining mechanism which allows versatility in reclining. This brings great fun and pleasure while sitting. These recliners are very durable. This is one very good advantage these recliners have. They last for a long period of time. The main features of these recliners are:

  1. Smooth reclining mechanism
  2. They are very durable
  3. Upholstered with plush and fine leather

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