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Pine headboards: A Type among Wooden Headboards

A bedroom beauty is enhanced by the style and quality of the bed in it. The kind of headboard found if present is another center of attraction because headboards are often noticed owing to their peculiar and distinct nature behind the bed.

Headboards are designed with metals, upholstery, and wooden materials. Wooden designs are more in dominance in making of headboards as wood tend to last for long. Some typical examples include oak, mahogany, and pine. Pine is a soft wood for making furniture of different kinds. All wood types have their peculiar feature that makes them the material of choice in designing a headboard.

Features of wood employed in headboard design.


This is a fine-grain wood. It gives its quality in its hardness and reddish brown color. It is highly resistant to shrinking and swelling. It  is the type often used in some solid wood designs.


This is another of the very hardwood. It has a fine texture and very sturdy. It is very durable and can be easily shaped to give any design choice.


This is also a hard work variant. It’s finely grained, durable and have high resistant to fungus and insects attack.

Pine is quality softwood. It is uniformly grained and soft textured. It often has yellow or white color with brown knots . It’s easily reshaped. It is resistant to swelling, shrinking and warping. It’s also a cheap wooden material.


This is a dense wood with a reddish color. Have resistance to shrinking and warping.

All the types of wood have their areas of  usefulness in headboard designs. For most solid wood designs the hardwood category is most prevalent. Oak is distinct for its resistant to insect attack and is considered among the favorite choice for headboards design.

The Pine, probably the only one among the softwood category is of great importance in headboards design. Pine headboards are always in demand in the market. Its cost effectiveness and paints absorption power tend to earn it the quality exhibited. This soft nature makes it appropriate for kids’ furniture.

The Good of wooden headboards

Wooden designs such as pine headboards are a great means of keeping your bedroom always in tune with modern changes. Wooden material is natural and can readily fit most designs in homes and in this respect, the bedroom will wear a new look when a wooden headboard is introduced.

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