Safety Precautions to Consider While Purchasing Bunk Bed for Kids

Bunk bed is a special type of bed in which one bunk is placed on another bunk. They are used in places with limited space. They allow two people to sleep at the same time and occupy the space of a single bed only. Buying bunk bed for kids can be a tedious task as you have to consider about every little hazard that can take place with your kid. There are 8 types of bunk beds for kids. They include Basic bunk Bed, L-shaped Bunk Bed, Basic Loft Bunk Bed, Junior Loft Bunk Beds, Novelty Bunk Beds, Study Loft Bunk Beds and Triple Bunk Beds. Each of the above mentioned bunk bed for kids is different and you must take several factors into consideration while thinking to buy any one of these. Following are the factors to be considered.

Make sure that the older child sleeps on the top bunk:

Before buying the bunk bed, make sure that the child is able to climb on the top. Study says that the child should be minimum 6 years old and the manufacturer says so as well. Also make sure that the ladder is steady and fixed properly

Make sure that the upper bed is guarded with rails:

Majority of the accidents happen because of the infant falls down in sleep. Once you are sure that your child can climb safely, make sure that the upper bed is guarded with safety rails that are at least 5 inches higher than the bunk and guard minimum three sides of the bunk.

Make sure nothing is hanging from the top bunk:

Nothing should be kept hanging down from the top bunk as there is a possibility of that thing looping around your child’s leg, are or even neck and cause a fatal injury.

Make sure that there is enough head space over both bunk:

Always make sure that the space above the bottom bunk should be such that the child does not hit his head. Same applies for the top bunk as there is a possibility that your child falls unconsciously on the floor after hitting the ceiling.

Make sure that the bed is placed away from light and ceiling:

This is the most important safety precaution of all. There is a possibility of light exploding due to overheating. Make sure that the bunk bed is placed away from the light. Also make sure that the bed is placed away from the fan to avoid your child from suffering a serious and maybe fatal injury.

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