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There has been a great deal of bunk beds in recent years, but the shorty bunk bed is still up there. This bed is great for people who are looking to save space. It works great in a compact room as well as for parents with kids. If you find yourself in a small house with two kids, then a shorty bunk bed could probably the best option. Here are some reasons why you should choose to use this bunk bed

Why you should get one

There are many reasons as to why you should use this bunk bed in your home. Starting with the obvious is that it saves space. These beds are meant to work in a compact room as they can help the room appear bigger.

They are best used in families who need a bed that saves space and can be used by their kids. The shorty bunk bed can work best when the room’s small, but yet you want to fit more in it. The bed can allow for two people to sleep on it and still spare some space for the other things to be kept in the room.

Safety tips for a bunk bed

The shorty bunk beds are normally used with kids, so it’s important to follow the guidelines and rules to ensure that your kids are safe at all times. Here are some safety tips you could use:

  • Don’t compromise on quality

It’s important that you always put quality first before anything else. It’s because of this that you should only shop from respective dealers who have a reputation of selling quality

  • The guard rails are important

Many parents tend to forego this, but if you have young kids, it’s best that you choose a bed with guard rails. The guard rails should be higher than the mattress so as to prevent anyone from falling.

  • Determine who takes the top bunk

Again this isn’t an issue if you have older kids. If you have young kids, then let the oldest one take the top bunk. It’s best not to let a kid younger than 6 years old to sleep at the top

  • Stairs are better than ladders

This might cost you extra, but it’s a great choice for those that want to ensure safety. Using stairs minimizes the risk of injury and ensures surefootedness as your kids climb or get down from the top bunk.

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