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Beds are one of the most important furniture in the house. Humans need to rest, especially when they are tired.  It has been discovered that enough rest affects the body positively as it aids and boosts healthy body, growth and development of the body. And also, lack of rest is detrimental to the body system. A bed is made primarily to be slept upon, and it has been discovered that what a person sleeps on determines how comfortable the sleep would be. Therefore, beds are meant to be soft, cozy and comfortable so as to ensure a comfortable sleep of any person that would lay on them. There are different types of beds. One of them is a sleigh bed.

Sleigh bed

It is a type of bed that has a headboard and curved foot. This makes it have a resemblance with a sleigh. Before now, they were made of wood and they were heavy. They were first made in the early nineteenth century. The sleigh beds of this present generation are made from different materials such as wood, steel, iron aluminum. Furthermore, the curves of their foot are less extended and so also the headboards. In modern times, more designs and features are added to these beds. This brings out a sense of appeal and makes the beds more beautiful. There are different kinds of sleigh beds as they possess various and different features. There are also sleigh beds of different sizes.

Different types of sleigh beds

  1. Queen Sleigh Bed: it has a drawer system with a slide roller glide. This enhances a non friction operating drawer. It also has a curved footboard section.
  2. Tully Queen Sleigh Bed: it is a Queen Size bed with button tuft on its headboard. The bed is flanked with upholstered curved rails that are made with soft leather.
  3. Marietta tufted Sleigh Bed: it has a scrolling head and a footboard with button tufts. It is made of plywood and hardwood.
  4. Emporium Sleigh Bed: it is sophisticated styled and it adds to the beauty of the room with its design. It has a curved footboard and sophisticated rails that brings out its beauty.
  5. Home styles Sleigh Bed: it has its inspiration from a traditional design. Its headboard is decorated with big moldings, its footboard and rails are also with moldings.

There are of them like the coaster sleigh bed, south Yorkshire sleigh bed, Ashley North Shore sleigh bed etc

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