All you need to learn the art of macrame

All you need to learn the art of macrame

All you need to learn the art of macrame is two hands and some rope.You will create a mid size wall hanging that utilizes the most important knots in macrame- the half hitch, square knot, larks heads knots, overhand knots, and half square knots. Once you learn these skills, you will be able to create large and more intricate pieces on your own.

Each student will leave class with a completed retro-chic wall hanging, ready to adorn their walls. Wall hangings measure at least 8″ x 12″.

This class takes place in the brand new Jenny Lemons shop and workshop in the Mission. All materials are included: Jennie will provide wooden dowels to knot off of, chunky natural cotton cord, jute, and a selection of wooden beads. Students will leave with an instruction packet and a quick guide to macrame, which includes directions for other knots and techniques not covered in class. A headboard is the better half of a bed, no matter what type of bed we are talking about it needs a headboard to be complete. Even the children bed need childrens headboards. If you love interior decoration then you must have a headboard on your bed then why not give the same experience to you kids. Your child will love the headboard when he/she sees it on the bed. You certainly can’t buy a new bed for your kids but a new childrens headboard will definitely give the same feel. If you’ve bought a headboard for your bed then you already know how to choose a good one. But if you have no experience what so ever then follow these pointers to get a good childrens headboards.

Affordable budget

A headboard is not a necessity but just a piece of additional furniture that makes our beds as well as the room more elegant and presentable. So if you are not someone who is obsessed with interior decoration then you don’t need to spend a fortune on it. The childrens headboard may not be that cheaper than regular headboards but if you have an affordable budget you will surely get a good one. The budget also helps you to narrow the options as you get thousands of different choices when you go online to buy something.

A suitable color

Kids are always very picky about colors and for that, you need to be extra careful when choosing the childrens headboard color. When buying a regular stylish headboard for the bed in our own room we look for a similar color as the bed. But the same can’t be done for the childrens headboard. If you kid doesn’t like the color it will be rejected. If you know what is your kid’s favorite color then okay but if not try to know it and only choose headboards of that same color. It will surely save you from a lot of trouble.

Buy something unique

Kids love unique things and that goes for the headboards too. When searching online if you see a unique headboard put it on your short list. Even if the headboard is not in his/her favorite color, the uniqueness will impress him/her for sure. If you can manage to get a headboard of your kid’s favorite comic or cartoon character then you don’t need to think twice before ordering that.

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