Trundle bed: The ultimate panacea of space depletion

With the earth facing with a population bomb and running out of space the trundle bed is one of the most viable and ultimate solutions of the problem. When every square foot costs you hundred of dollars in cities like New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo the best way to save space for your activities, along with having a comfortable vibrant and stylish bedding, is only possible though trundle bed.

What is trundle bed actually?

As it is becoming a trend and necessity as well, you need to know the capacity and futures of the trundle bed while making a purchase via online or any other way. It can be found in different size and colors. Trundle bed is actually a pair of bed, one of which is put beneath of other. It provides same capacity similar to bunk or loft bed but the difference is that its bed lying beneath can be put in and out but in bunk and loft bed the bed above are static. Also the bunk and loft bed does not provide aesthetical beauty to the room as compare to this. Another advantage is: when you don’t need the bead beneath, you can pull it out and use for keeping other   things.
Trundle consists of the two kinds:

  1. Pop up trundle

This kind of trundle is made up of different kind of material and mostly metals. In this the bed beneath can be brought to the level of the day bed by pulling it upward. By this way we can change the bed into a kind size bed without any difficulty.

  1. Drawer Trundles

In this kind of trundle the bed is hided inside a big drawer beneath the day bed. Its advantage is that when it is day you can hide the trundle beneath the day bed. It will be hidden without any exposure to the surface, having a uniform and similar surface. In this way you can use to surface during day for any other purpose and pull out the trundle for night.

Trundle beds are also available in bunk and loft bed style having ladder to get to the upper beds and having shelves on the sides so one can put the books and other things.

Material and finish

It can be found in wood and metal in different formats having different finishes. It may have ladder or built-in stairway for the upper bunk beds. Now days there are trundle beds having built-in stairway along with drawers which provide more capacity for putting things.

E-marketing companies provide free shipment in different countries like Ebay and Amzaon in USA etc.

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