Boys Slide Bed in Chestnut with Blue Top Tent Bunk Bed

What could be better than getting out of your bunk bed with slide?

Just imagine of you getting out of your bed sliding down in the morning. It starts your morning with fun and joy. Bunk Bed with slides is a unique thought of combining the pleasure of playing and sleeping together. These kinds of beds are generally preferred for kids and add a gaming factor to a kid’s room.  This category of bunk beds is very popular and can be merged with a design which gives a great look to your kid’s room. Just imagine your kid’s bed in the form of a Disney Land building or any monument or a simple hut. This is art at its best. Just choose an idea and a Bunk Bed with slide could be made for your kid. These small little things helps your kids cherish their childhood when they grow and memorize their childhood. So get a best looking Bunk Bank with slide for kids and make their childhood a happening one and full of joy. These Bunk Beds with slides come with two measurement sizes. One is called Mid Sleepers and the other is called as High Sleepers.

Mid Sleepers Bunking Bed with Slide:

These sleepers are used mostly for small kids and only difference between these two kinds of beds is the size. These further categorise according to the side of stairs and slide:

They are 1000mm in depth, 3000mm in length, 1300mm in height and 1600mm along the side of slide.

Thus these sizes could be chosen and different themes could be applied to them and the final product could be used to decorate your kid’s room.

High Sleepers Bunking Beds with slides:

This kind of Bunk Beds with slides are opted for a little grown up kids and differs from mid Sleepers Bunking Bed in size only. These also further vary in measurements such as:

They are 1000mm in depth, 2800mm in length, 1800mm in height and around 1600mm along the slide side.

Thus the best Bunk Bed with slide for your kids and make their childhood a memorable one. Choose the theme which could be on any of the superhero your kids loves the most or any cartoon character after which your kids are mad. This would surely add a fun zone to your kid’s life and make their lives more happening and joyful.

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