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A dresser is normally the best option for those looking for some extra storage space. The double dresser is one of the many types of dressers that one can consider using as it offers ample storage space. These dressers are of different kinds as well as designs.

They are also made to be used by different people of different age groups. There are dressers for adults and for babies as well each serving the same primary purpose of storage. When deciding to get a double dresser, you need to think whether you’ll go for one with a contemporary or traditional design

Contemporary or traditional?

The contemporary design of double dressers has grown more popular due to the popularity of the décor. This doesn’t mean that the traditional style has grown out of fashion, nope, not at all. There is still some demand in the market for traditional style furniture. The best style of these two is subjective as it mostly depends on the user as well as the interior décor style. We have to point out that the modern décor style has grown in popularity as well.

Who’s the dresser for?

The user of the dresser will also determine what type of dresser you get. As you can recall, there are baby dressers as well as adult dressers. You might wonder, is there a difference? Yes, there is. The baby dressers aren’t as sturdy as the adult dressers as babies are harmless when it comes to damaging things.

The baby dressers are also made with the child in mind so safety is always top priority. You don’t expect to find sharp edges, the drawers are smoother and easier for kids to move back and forth. You’ll notice that the baby dressers are quite different from the adult double dressers that you are used to.

What to consider when selecting one

Depending on the intended user, there are some things you need to keep an eye out for when buying a double dresser. If the dresser is for a baby/toddler, then the obvious safety precautions are in order. No sharp edges, the drawers are easy to move and access to avoid pinched fingers among many others. For an adult double dresser, the storage space the dresser offers is to be considered among many other things. There are some common things that could be checked such as the quality of the dresser and the space in the room in comparison to the size of the dresser.

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