Which of Beds and Bunks would be Suitable for Your Kids?

The bedroom is one important place for both kids and parents alike. It is where much time of our lives is spent. This speaks volume of the priority it should have in our lives. The salient decisions, thoughts and strategies are got at times while there in the room alone trying to catch a sleep. Children get to socialize and build their character too right there in the bedroom.

Now, which of a bed and a bunk would be the best bet for you to achieve your kid’s total development right there in their bedroom.

What beds and bunks have in common

Both a bed and a bunk have some areas they align. One sure one is that both have sleeping surfaces for sleeping which are made of either wooden or metal frame. They can both have same sizes like a twin size and the same mattress. Both beds and bunks can have designs for storage such as a drawer. Though both have quite a close similarity, they also differ in some respect.

How beds and bunks differs

Really, the major distinguishing factor as it’s clear to all is that a bunk is a bed with a top and a bottom layer.Yyou have a bed down and another up in a bunk bed which can be twin sized or twin over full, which is common. It can even be a full over full, big enough to accommodate four sleepers at a time wheras a traditional bed can rarely have that. Bunk beds are built to save space in the room by taking advantage of the top.

What determines your choice between beds and bunks

Actually what determines your choice between beds and bunks is both personal and to some extent, factors that may condition your decision.

On the personal ground, you should ask what you would love for your children. You want them to enjoy the moments in a bunk bed or just keep the traditional bed going? Going for a bunk bed for your kids to me is like giving them a treat and an experience of once in a lifetime which they would always cherish.

However, you may have to consider these factors:

  • How much space is available in the bedroom?
  • How many kids do you need either a bed or bunk for?
  • What budget do you have in mind to spend on any of the two?

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