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Beds are generally made to be slept on. A feeling of maximum comfort is gotten while sleeping on the bed, compared to other furniture in the house. Hence, beds are very essential because they ensure comfortable sleep. And comfortable sleep is needed because it ensures growth, development and good health of the body. In order to bring a matter of choice and for other reasons, there are various kinds of beds. One of such is the Daybed.

Day bed

Day bed is piece of furniture that is used as a bed and can also be used for reclining and lounging. In some instances, it could be used for seating in some kind of rooms like a common room. Its frames are mostly made of metal, wood or both of them combine. The frame of a daybed determines what a daybed would be regarded as. For example, a daybed with metal frames would be regarded as a metal daybed. Some daybeds have the added feature of a trundle which is useful in expanding the sleeping capacity of the daybed.

In recent times, most daybeds make use of a linkspring to support the mattress. It serves as a support system. This linkspring is a metal frame with cross supports. It is rectangular in shape. It serves as a means of support and provides clearance for storage beneath a daybed. There are basically two categories of daybeds. They are the indoor daybeds and the outdoor daybeds. The indoor daybeds are the ones found in the rooms inside a house. The outdoor daybeds have roofs to users from sunlight and rain.

Wooden Day Bed

Wooden day beds are daybeds with wooden frames. They are very beautiful especially when they are created with unique and beautiful designs. Furthermore, they are safer compared to metal daybeds.  Wooden daybeds are more suitable for children because it is safer for them. Hence, most these daybeds are placed in the rooms of children. These daybeds come in different styles ranging from both traditional designs to contemporary designs. They also are in multiple finishes and a wide range of designs.

Wooden day beds are the most suitable for a family. Also in situations whereby visitors do often visit, these day beds are the most suitable to accommodate them. With these daybeds, two people can be accommodated without needing a bunk bed. In terms of storage, wooden day beds are created with storage space and they can be in form of drawers or shelves.

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