Have a sofa bed sectional and make yourself comfortable

Sofa Bed Sectional - 1

If you are deciding to furnish your apartment and make yourself comfortable have a sofa bed sectional for only $1059 and enjoy the comfort of good sleep during the night. Sofa bed sectional can provide you comfortable sitting arrangement to sit and talk to your friends besides providing a comfortable bed and mattress for sleeping.

Enhance your apartment with sofa bed sectional

Have comfortable rest with sofa bed sectional. This sectional includes a chaise lounge, mattress and back cushions with stress welting for durability and comfort. It has mechanism which is easy to lift with full size inner spring mattress. The corners of the mattress are blocked glued and stapled to last for a long time. The design of the sectional is right arm facing.

The material used for the upholstery is 95% polyester with 5% nylon. All fabrics that are used in this sectional are approved by AHFA standards. The thickness of the mattress is 4.6”. The frame of the sectional is built strong for durability.  You will have free delivery to your doorstep.

Sofa Sectional that can make your apartment comfortable

A sofa sectional can perform dual functions and can make your life more comfortable. It comes in different varieties. Here is a sectional sofa bed which is made up of 100% polyester microfiber which can transform into a full sized bed with additional storage underneath. It has a cushion with easy hinged seat operation with upholstered back and arms. This sectional sofa bed has to be kept about 4 inches from the wall for easy operation.

It has foam filled cushions of high density besides a comfortable chaise lounge for support. This has a steel frame construction and the polyester fiber that is used is stain resistant.

A Sofa Bed Sectional that is comfortable and Cost Saving

This sofa bed sectional costs $830 with contemporary style and plush cushions. This is ideal for a small apartment where space is limited. The comfortable and durable PU leather is easy to clean with a cloth. The chaise which forms part of it has storage place underneath.  It can be installed to the right or the left.

The chaise cushions conceal storage space underneath. The upholstery material is faux leather. All the cushions are 5” thick to provide the utmost comfort. The section that can be pulled out to convert to a bed is easy to operate. It has enough space for bed linen storage. It is very comfortable for seating.

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