Have stacking chairs in your home that are lightweight and easy to carry

Stacking Chairs - 1

Stacking chairs are ideal for banquets, halls, churches and school halls. These chairs provide space saving solutions to churches and banquet halls. When they are not required they can be stacked and kept aside. These are very comfortable in the home too, since they can be easily carried around. If you have a garden in front of your house you can spread these chairs and sit and watch the sunset.

Install stacking Chairs that are portable and stackable

Good stacking chairs that you have around your house should be light enough for easy storage and stylish to complement your interiors. Whenever you decide to entertain and your friends drop in you can spread them around  in your house and provide comfortable sitting to your friends. Caper Stacking chairs are built stylish to meet all necessities of living and entertaining places.

These chairs are light weight and are available with arms and without arms. The armless ones  have molded seats and can be easily carried around and placed anywhere you need short term seating arrangement. Banquet halls can use the armed caper chairs to arrange around the banquet tables when they have a function and stack them when not in use.

Stacking Chairs for comfortable seating arrangement at Banquet Halls

When you book a banquet hall for a function, these versatile chairs are used for sitting guests around the banquet tables. The guests are provided with comfortable sitting arrangement using stacking chairs which are portable and easy to carry around. It makes it easy for the banquet hall owners to spread them around.

In churches as well as in schools they are used for gathering to provide seating for a large number of guests. This has made life easy for people since they are light and easy to carry around weighing only 9.5 pounds.

Stacking Chair with 3.75 inch thick seat

If you want stacking chairs that are easy to move around but are stylish and elegant to enhance the function then Hercules stacking chair is the one for you. Whether it is church, hotel, banquet hall or conference hall this chair can be used to grace  any occasion. The Chair is strong and built to last with steel and fabric.

It has 16 gauge steel frame which is tested for 800 pounds. This chair is built with 5 inch thick cushion with plastic floor glides to protect uncarpeted floors. It has double support bracing and ganging clamps  that hold it firmly.

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