How to choose the right sofa cushions

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Choosing the right sofa cushions for your sofa is very important, otherwise you may not feel satisfied with your sofa and even try to replace it. So sometimes it is better to replace the cushions rather than your sofa. The choice of right cushions for your sofa will provide the comfort and a stylish touch to your decoration. The perfect sofa cushions provide a fresh and comfortable feel. They can also help to increase the durability of your sofa. Opting for cheaper cushions may ruin the life of your sofa and your valuable money. You will find a large number of cushions from the stores or  from online sites to provide a new look to your room. It is very important to choose a perfect cushion to give a stylish decor to your room.

Foam Cushions

Foam cushions are firm and provide a decent look to your sofa. The foam cushions are made using the high density foam covered by convoluted foam and a polyester fiber wrap. These cushions provide a firm seat and won’t let any wrinkles on the fabric. Back cushions need to be a bit softer but they should match with the seat cushions otherwise it may look odd. When you get up after sitting on the cushions, you won’t need any maintenance because they will look exactly the same. These type of cushions are easily washable.

Spring Down Cushions

Spring down cushions are amongst the most softest cushions and made using a core of coiled springs. These springs are surrounded by foam box with the wrapping of a polyester fiber. The springs provide a comfortable feel and a touch of softness. However it requires regular fluffing to maintain its softness.


Blendown cushions can be your third most appropriate choice. These softer and luxurious cushions are made using a foam core wrapped in polyester fiber. This combination is wrapped in a very thick layer of polyfiber blend. However these cushions require some maintenance as they change their shape every time someone sit.

Finalize Your Choice

You should keep in mind that you get what you are paying for. The final choice may depend upon your taste. The less expensive sofas may have fewer choices for cushions, but keep in mind to choose the right style and size while purchasing. When you have finalized about purchasing a particular cushions, never forget to test before bringing them home. So you should not only look for the beauty of sofa cushions but also for the quality and your budget.

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