How to set up the living room with a modular couch

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What Is A Modular Couch?

A modular couch is a type of sofa comprised of separate individual seating pieces, which can be configured or arranged according to the preference of a homeowner.  The flexibility that it offers makes it an ideal furniture item when setting up a living room.  This is especially true if you have a big family (each family member have unique tastes).  You may want to redesign your living room from time to time, and having a modular sofa can make it easier for you to arrange the seats to complement your new interior theme.  If you frequently receive friends and visitors, you can easily modify the seating arrangement to maximize the living room space.


The following are the basic components of a modular couch: corner piece, chair piece, and side piece.  The corner piece is the element that is placed at the corner.  It serves as the central piece for the entire set up; the left and right seats are connected to this piece.  The chair piece is an individual seat that has no armrests, which allows it to be joined to the corner piece on each side.  The side piece is an element of the modular sofa which has one armrest.  It is always placed at the end of the sofa on either side.  Other optional items that can be included in a modular sofa are the lounge piece and the ottoman, which can double as a table or foot rest.

What Materials Are Used In Making Modular Sofas?

Different materials are used in making modular sofas.  Genuine leather is probably the most popular.  Nothing beats the look and feel of real leather.  It is classy, elegant and will last a very long time.  Because of this, a modular sofa made of genuine leather can be expensive.  Another material used is fabric; wherein it is used as cover for thick and comfortable seat cushions.  Some are like ‘pillow covers’ that can be removed and washed.  Other materials used are faux or synthetic leather.  It is not as pricey as genuine leather, and is usually an alternative option for homeowners who are on a tight budget.  If you want to buy a modular couch, browse online and search for online furniture stores.  There are lots of designs to choose from.  Shop at the convenience of your own home and have it delivered directly to your home.

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