Install a captains bed and give your bedroom a new look

Captains Bed - 1

There are different types of beds that can help you get a comfortable night’s rest. Some have storage space which comes very handy when the apartment is small. Some have a canopy which gives you a heritage setting while some are lavishly carved providing a designer setting to the bedroom.

Captains Bed to give your Bedroom a new Look

Captains bed with trundle bed and drawers can provide a comfortable sleeping arrangement. The trundle bed provides additional sleeping space if some friend drops by and the three drawers provide functionality and style.  All the space necessary for storage is provided by the 3 drawers, to store bed linen and other accessories and keep the bedroom free of clutter. This bed is made of quality hardwood that can last for a long time.

Onetime payment on this bed can give you years of enjoyment without any trouble. If need be the trundle bed can be wheeled out for maximum storage, It has a rich finish that can enhance any bedroom. Depending on the décor of your bedroom you can have white espresso or dove brown bed.

Beds to help you Keep your Bedroom Spic and Span

Depending on the space in your bedroom you can choose a bed that comfortably fits into your bedroom and provides storage space to keep your bed spic and span. With 4 drawers for storage the bed linen, duvets, clothes and shoes can be stored leaving the bedroom neat. This will also relieve you the trouble of vacuuming under the bed.

This bed is made of hardwood which is quite strong to last a few years. It has slatted bed base over which a polyurethane mattress can be placed to sleep comfortably .It has a white luroy finish which can be dusted to keep it clean.

A Comfortable Bed to help you relax in Style

If you are a person who enjoys reading then you can have a captains bed with a matching shelf by your side where you can place your books while you relax for the night. The bed has multiple draws to keep your bed linen, clothes and other accessories. The bed has 21 slats on which the comfort foam mattress can be placed that will help you to sleep comfortably.

At each end of the bed is a cubbie door which provides access under the bed. The bed is made up of acacia wood which   is long lasting. Pay $1210 and enjoy the comfort of a bed with a bookshelf.

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