Install a closet armoire in your bedroom and hang your dresses

Closet Armoire - 2

A closet armoire is ideal to hang out your clothes, store your handbags and keep your bedroom free of clutter. It can give a new look to your bedroom setting. The drawers on the top can be used to store your bed linen. A full length mirror will help you to have a look at yourself and check on your make-up before you live the bedroom.

A Closet Armoire in Cherry Wood Finish

A closet armoire of hardwood and veneer is durable and will last for many years.  It has a clothes pole where all the clothes can be hung. The drawers are built with French dovetail construction with full extension of ball bearing drawer glides. One shelf is adjustable so gowns can be accommodated by adjusting the shelf. It is constructed with two top drawers and the top drawer has faux double drawer front.

The material used for the back of the cupboard is thick plywood that will last for many years. It has two usable drawers to store all the other accessories. It cost $889 with one year warranty. The interior shelves are adjustable so you can adjust them and store things that were not fitting with the shelf. The drawers have knobs and are felt lined. It needs to be assembled.

A Closet Armoire with full length sliding Doors

This closet is made of solid wood which is warm and durable and will last for many years. It is built with two sliding doors for easy convenience. Shelves inside can be adjusted. The wood that is used in the construction of the cupboard is quality wood. There is a clothes rod of wood to hang out the clothes. The other accessories can be stored in the shelves.

The bed linen too can be stored in the lower shelf to prevent clutter in the bedroom.  The back of the cupboard is also made of wood to last a long time. It cost $379 which is very affordable.

Have a Closet Armoire of Mahogany Wood with a Mirror on the Door

The closet armoire is made of mahogany wood with two doors with a mirror on one door to help you with your make-up. It has a rich mahogany finish with a clothes rod of wood for hanging clothes. The hanging rod is 29” long. It has two drawers for storage with support under both for extra weight.

The style of this cupboard is contemporary and costs $369. The suppliers offer you free shipping but you have to assemble it when it arrives.

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