Install brass headboards for queen beds to give your bedrooms a new look

Brass Headboards For Queen Beds - 2

Brass headboards are long lasting so once you install a brass headboard you do not have to bother about it. You just polish it and it will shine. So having a headboard in taupe with a brass trim will highlight your bedroom setting.

Brass Headboards to give a new look to the Bedroom

Have brass headboards for queen beds to make the bed visible in the bedroom setting.  This headboard is made of plywood frame with taupe linen fabric for cover. The edges of the headboard are fitted with brass nailhead trim which shines giving the headboard a striking look. It has adjustable feet which help to attach it to any type of bed. The linen used on this headboard has soothing colors that can match any bedroom décor.

The design of the headboard is camelback and the metal used is steel beside this other metal is used for mounting. 100% foam is used for padding and the textile material used is 100% linen. This headboard can be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Vintage Brass Headboards for Queen Beds

Vintage brass headboards for queen beds can brighten the bedroom atmosphere. It costs around $ 250 and will last for long may years. It is a beautiful piece that shines when wiped with the polish. It has a charming design with carved edges and straight brass rods. It is strong but if any of the rods break it requires soldering. It can be easily attached with nuts and bolts.

This is full shining brass once attached will not move. This will provide a nice setting to the bedroom. The headboard is a little heavy when you want to move it.

Attach a shiny Brass Headboard and enhance the look of your Bedroom

It cost around $246 and can give your bedroom a shine. It is a little heavy to move about easily and requires assembling when it arrives. It is strong and has solid feet that hold it firmly on the ground. The headboard will provide a strong support to the bed and to you when you want to relax and watch TV before going to sleep.

It needs to be polished once in two months for it to maintain the shine. This headboard can be matched with a nightstand of brass to give it a heritage look. If you face any problem when it arrives you can return it to the suppliers who will refund you amount including the shipping.

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