Install drafting chairs in the office so we can work comfortably at the drafting tables

Drafting Chair - 1

A drafting chair is an adjustable chair with a foot bar that is used to work at the drafting table. They are available in different designs, colors and height adjustments for normal drafting or for using in any raised work areas. Make your work area comfortable and a strain free place to work by installing mid back drafting chair with foot rest.

Mid back drafting Chair with footrest for Comfort

A mid back drafting chair is very comfortable to work. It does not strain your back when you work as it has a footrest and the height of the chair can be adjusted to make it comfortable to work at tables of different heights. Whenever you feel your back is hurting you after working for some time you can either raise or lower it and arrange the height so that it is comfortable for you to work.

Midback drafting chairs with foot rest have a wheeled base that helps you to move around with ease to attend to any work you have around the place. It has a nice comfortable cushioned seat with contoured back to relieve the back of strain. The seat adjustment is provided with pneumatic gas lift that helps the seat to move up and down with ease. It is built with a nylon base with heavy duty dual wheel casters for easy movement. It has loop arms and the arm height is adjustable.

Ergonomic Chairs and Stools that can provide the right posture

Ergonomic chairs and stools provide the right support for the lower part of the back so that you work comfortably without straining your back. These chairs can be adjusted to get the right posture at any  place you have to work. They can provide excellent support to people who work as receptionists, cashiers and others who have to maintain eye contact with the customers.

There are ergonomic chairs and stools like Varier Move standing stool and Via Swopper which is a supplementary chair that is recommended to people working as cashiers and receptionists to be used at least for part of the day so that the core muscles are strengthened. Varier Move standing stool allows you to lean while you work.

Riviera Drafting Chairs for comfortable seating posture while working

Right sitting posture is very important while working so that you do not strain your back and have problems. These drafting  chairs costs only$85 each with free shipping. This chair is black in color with a metal frame and arms. The height of the seat is mid back providing you all the comfort for smooth functioning in the office.

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