Install hutch corner and have more storage space

Corner Hutch - 1

When   an apartment is small it is good to make use of all available space without cluttering the apartment and making it look congested. If you have a corner in the living room you can install a hutch corner to store your crockery and cutlery. It can have nice frame with glass doors that will give a nice look to your living room.

Have a hutch corner in the Living Room for Storage

A hutch corner can be used to store curios and other stuff. You can have it installed in any part of the house. If you have a corner to spare you can have one in the kitchen to store any to the items required in the kitchen. It can  built of good quality wood to last a long time. You can have it painted in water based paints or wood polish depending on the place the hutch corner is installed.

A hutch corner can be installed in the sitting room. Built of quality wood frames and glass it can be used  store porcelain and crockery.  The lower portion of the hutch corner can be made of whole wood.   It can be a built-in corner on the wall or it can be in the centre. It is made by hand to give it a good finish.

Hutch corner in the Dining Room to store Crockery and cutlery

The Hutch corner can be installed in the dining room close to the dining table in either of the corners. All the additional crockery and cutlery that is not required on daily bases for the family meals can be stored here beautifully to give a nice look to the dining room.

The painting or the polish of the hutch corner should match the décor of the dining room. The porcelain and the dishes that are put in the hutch corner can give a nice look to the dining room setting. When the light from the dining room chandelier falls on the hutch corner it provides a nice ambience.

A Hutch corner in the Kitchen

If you have a spacious kitchen you can have hutch corner in quality wood matching the décor of the kitchen. All excess porcelain that is used once in a way and that is not required on daily bases can be stored here.  This will be good as the day to day things that are regularly required can be place close at hand.

There will be extra space in the kitchen to move the things around and arrange them to change the setting and provide a new look.

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