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Furniture has a big role in conveying the interior theme of your home. Their selection and placement inside the room requires a lot of attention and care. With a proper layout and a bit of design ingenuity, you can create the wow factor easily with furniture. Let us look at the living room ideas and try transforming the room with some modern living furniture, so that it reflects the modern lifestyle.

Concept of modern living room

The Living room is one of the most important areas that require special care and attention while designing the interior of the house. Consider the living room as a social hub; it is usually designed in a fashion to accommodate all the persons living in a house. Some living rooms extend their functionality by providing a place for social gatherings such as small parties and get together.

Tips on arranging the living Furniture

  • Spacing is the most important thing you have to consider while arranging the room. Always allow ample space between furniture and their placement should not obstruct the movement inside the room.
  • Seating is also another important factor to consider while designing the living room. Living furniture should accommodate the entire family and spare a few if possible for the guests.
  • Living rooms should reflect a cheerful atmosphere, allow plenty of natural light to enter into the room and artificial lighting is also an important aspect. Use decorative lamps and LED lights to boost the cheerful ambiance
  • Arrange the furniture in a way that it facilitates conversation; arrange furniture like sofa and chairs face to face, so people can talk face to face.
  • Allow proper ventilation, no furniture should block the windows or air-condition unit. Air follow should not be obstructed; it will reduce the energy cost.
  • Arrange the furniture around a center point; it could be a television set, fireplace or a window with beautiful view of the outside.

List of living furniture to include

  • A couch or a sofa is a must, they can accommodate the entire family
  • Tea or coffee table is something that you don’t see that often in modern living rooms but they are must have piece of furniture.
  • Television cabinet for living rooms that have a television set.
  • Rugs and curtains use light colors for the curtains, dark shade rugs will complement the light colored curtains.
  • The list should include furniture that reflects your personality, such as a bookshelf, record shelf, guitar stand or an aquarium.

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