Make your room bold with the red couch:

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In the décor business, it is all about making your style a statement. That too, if it is a bold one, you will be remembered and cherished well in your circles. And what better than a red couch to make your statement? Here we go with some design décor ideas with the bold red couch. And remember, our experts are always to help you with your queries all over the states.

Combine and fashionable:

If you have a normal spaced living room, where you can comfortably put a sofa, go with the red couch. Then combine the look with some matching upholstery with bold prints and checks to enhance the look. Go for colors like yellow and turquoise blue which augment the red beautifully. Even your pastel walls will go well with your red couch and turn your simple room into something of a fashionista.

Rustic and red:

Go for the rustic décor in your living room with lots of copper and grey colors. Even earthy brown will combined with maroon will get you the look you decide. This, when complemented with red couch, will amp up your living space. A well designed rug with a matching material, will definitely add to the look and warmly feeling of the place. Even going with wooden flooring will give you the same rustic look you are trying to get in your room.

Contemporary townhouse:

Create that enchanting visual of a contemporary town house with the red couch. Paint your walls grey and place an artistic centre table or coffee table along with your bold red couch and see the change it gets to your living room. Amp it up with artistic pieces on your walls which will make your living room formal and enclosed.

In open concept living rooms:

Red couch goes beautifully with the open concept walls of your living room. It pops up the space and creates a passionate and beautiful traditional living room which will take you back to your roots. It is contemporary at the same time and vintage looking.

Rugged and metal:

Red couch goes well with your rugged looking living room which you generally find on country side. The houses there are generally a mix of stone, timber and iron. All these being monochromatic and make a boring décor, a red couch will really pop up the room.

Try some of these and let us know your views!

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