Occasional chairs for small spaces to solve your seating problems

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There are different types of seating for every room in our house. We often use sofas and couches in small places like lounges but they are space hungry and not very flexible types of furniture. They consume a lot of space in your small room and hence make it tough to move around the sofas. Occasional chairs for small spaces are the best solution to these problems as they perfectly fit in your small room. The occasional chairs are available in a plenty of styles both modern as well as traditional, different types of fabrics like leather or suede and are the most flexible and practical types of seating solutions for your smaller spaces.

Style of occasional chairs

Choose the style of occasional chairs for small spaces that complements your other existing furniture like the sofa and other decor in your house. Instead of straight back chairs you can choose upholstered occasional chairs that will look better when placed near the sofas.

The best fabric for the chairs

It is best to choose the colour of the fabric for the occasional chairs that is different from the colour of the sofa. While it must be in a different colour from that of the sofa, it should complement the sofa at the same time. The chair need not be identical if you are would like to create a group of seats. An occasional chair for small space will often use much less fabric compared to the sofas hence you can choose from a wider range of fabrics well within your budget.

Deciding the location to place the chairs

You must then decide on the suitable place where you need to place the occasional chairs. You can choose a location neat the window or a place where there is sufficient lighting if you want to use the chair for reading. A stylish occasional chair is beneficial to even a small bedroom when it is placed at the corner of the room.


The occasional chairs can be positioned diagonally to each other with the seats having to face a focal point at the centre of the room. You must make sure to leave some space around the edges of the chair for people to walk around in the room.

The focal point

Also in the centre of the occasional chairs you can place an ottoman or a coffee table. This will make it a focal point in the room amidst the occasional chairs.

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