What is a settee?

Settee - 1

Introduction Do you know what a settee is?  It is a furniture item that is used for sitting and reclining.  Is it the same as a couch or sofa?  These terms are often used to describe the same object.  But if we are to be accurate, there are certain differences ...

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Exciting types of furniture design

Furniture Design - 6

Aside From The Usual Modern, Contemporary, Traditional And Transitional Styles, Furniture Design Offers New And Exciting Concepts That Homeowners Will Surely Love.  Now, There Is A Design For All Kinds Of Tastes And Preferences.  Many People Are Not Familiar With These Designs.  Fortunately, We Are Enumerating Some Of Them. Urban ...

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Tips in buying living room sets

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The living room is a comfortable place where we can relax and unwind.  It is the most functional area of the house where we can accomplish a lot of things.  We can entertain guests, watch television programs, do school or office work, play board and video games, and sleep all ...

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