Can men wear women’s thigh high boots?

Why not? If they find a couple that fits, then … by all means, enjoy them! If you want to pair in general you can get some horrible stars, so I can suggest a pair of flat thigh boots that can hide under your pants. The only downside is most don't go over size 10 in ladies (8 in men)! ...

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How can I get better at walking in heels? I usually wear 5

I started with 5 "heels and the lowest I have is 4.5". So for me, the attraction and love of heels would overcome all the difficulties, including discomfort and balance. With time, practice and experience, I would advise the following: I only have 5 "or higher heels and while most of my shoes have a rigid platform, I have a ...

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How can I remove my heels?

I have removed and replaced heels from a number of high-hair tops, which can be tricky when there are differences in the rise and size of the replacements to the seat and support properly. To begin, fold back the insole plates over the heel area to reveal the locations of the five metal fasteners. In general, there are three ways ...

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