Do high heels really wear?


It depends on…

First of all, let me say that heels will be damaged to wear sometime … but there are several things you can do to extend comfort time.

1) Make sure your heels are the right size for your foot. If the shoe is too tight or too loose, it will cause problems and pain from wearing them. If you can easily push the foot into the shoe with wear, and if you can walk around without your foot coming out of the shoe as a "flip-flop" then your shoes are about the right size.

2) As noted above, wear wear. I don't get into the "broken" stuff on why this is true … just take my word for it. Wearing pantyhose or pantyhose makes the experience of having high heels much easier and more comfortable. That being said, you also have to make sure your hosieri is the right size according to the height and weight chart. If your pants are too small, the pain in the toes cannot be from the heels at all.

3) Choose heels that are sensibly sexy. By this I mean that if you want 6 "pointed stilettos, they will be damaged, and it is not possible to get around it (if you do not plan to walk in them, if you know what I mean). also choose heels that have a good amount of pillows under the foot of the foot.