Do women only have high heels for men only?


None of the women I know.

They wear 6 "high heels all day as cakewalk. And they love it. They can dance for hours in them, they can run in them, do almost anything in them, and I admire these gracious ladies completely.

I tried 5 "heels once in my life for one of my best friend's wedding. I had a sari and she chose the heels for me. They were these wonderful golden babies just like in the picture.

I wore them for the church ceremony which lasted about 2 hours (most I sat). When on my feet I was like a newborn calf learning to walk. No man on earth is good enough for me to go through it again. And no one deserves it touch either.

What I have realized to see my friends (all experts wearing abysmally high heels) and then myself (can't walk in heels to save my life), neither of us does it for men. It's about seeing / feeling beautiful, smart, sexy and confident.