Have you stopped wearing high heels? If so, when and why did you do it?


I loved having high heels and I mean LOVED them. I felt more comfortable in heels than sneakers to be honest and I would spend a fortune on a good pair of heels. However, I turn 40 in a few months and I think it's true what "they" say … Everything changes. A few years ago I didn't start to wear them all day. My feet would feel almost blown at the end of the day. And then it became unbearable to do it at all. I have gained weight and it naturally contributed but it was more than that, my feet would swell, my toes would feel that they were crushed and the bottom of my feet felt like shooting pain through them. Turns out that I now have plantations fasciite and heel spores … from excessive wearing heels for 20+ years. I still miss the heels every day … I felt amazing in them, and I hate to see the young girls in the office roaming around look great – but believe me, it's not worth the pain later. I now have Dr. Scholls – but I'm afraid if anyone ever sees me in SAS, I've completely lost all self-respect … just say .. haha.