How can I shorten a shoe’s heel? I really like these shoes, but the heel is too high to wear them.


You cannot do it in any way that is likely to preserve the shoe's structural integrity. It is mathematics that is involved in shoe making, and when you put gravity in the mix, move with math or ignore it can end bad for someone wearing a modified shoe.

I would like to say as a practical matter that if you want the shoe to last a normal time without destroying that you are not trying to get a professional lower your height. Higher heels have a tendency to "kick under" when women go to the toe, roll their foot in daily life compared to the catwalk "stomp" that allows models to handle (usually) regardless of height because they contact the foot's heel and ball simultaneously. You definitely do not want to risk your safety and immediately destroy the shoe by crushing by changing a high heel yourself. Look at the article to see some of the explanation of how a shoe supports a person with a traditional heel and with a no-heel design.

Why not Saint Laurent's No-Heel Shoe Break on the runway? A physics professor explains

This second link to a blog is only for the geometry of a high heel shown. Feel free to ignore the sermon on the danger of having high heels.

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