How do I get used to wearing high heels at work?


Having high heels comes naturally too few while some struggle forever and gives up on having high heels … The reason is the person's anatomy and their preference for wearing high heels. I know a girl who is overweight and always has 5 "+ heels … I asked and she said she loves them and if she gets some discomfort, she ignores it or takes off her heels for a while, moves her feet to get the blood circulation and then carrying them back … !!! But she loved them and the pain won't deter her from wearing them.

Second case, where a lightweight girl in our group continued to complain about the problems she gets when wearing high heels .. !! There was more to her taste … she was not a High Heels fan but since most girls got attention, she wanted to try them !!! !!! But she couldn't.

For me, high heels are a fashion and style and attitude. If you are determined to wear them, you will wear them, walk in them, if you become uncomfortable, you will find an opportunity to relax and carry them again. But if you are not really in high heels, you will always feel them unpleasant and painful.

I walk a mile in high heels and sometimes my calf muscles / feet pain … then I rest my feet and put them on … Pain does not stop me from wearing them … Over the years I have had very easy with high heels and most often I do not even know that I wear them.

So, the answer is, you can get used to high heels if you really want to. Buy heel that is comfortable and has a good structure and support for your ankles. If you need to stand or walk for long hours, try lower heels or platforms or wedges. Use them more and you will be more likely to wear them. If you continue to switch between apartments and high heels that prefer to rent apartments more, then it is very likely that you will never get used to wearing high heels full time.