How do I learn to wear a heel? Or how can I make heels I own more comfortably?


Unfortunately, these heels have a price because they are not exactly comfortable to wear and are even impractical to wear for extended periods. So how does a woman with an obsession with high-haired shoes come to a healthy compromise between being fashionable and comfortable? Let these six tips below guide you.

1.) Shave down your heel

If you are already high enough or willing to sacrifice a small height in the name of convenience and to be able to walk in any room with ease, consider having your heel shaved a little. Have a professional do it for you and you can stick around in your new heels much better. You do not have to worry that they take a great deal off your shoes as the maximum they would remove is about one inch. Something more would make a difference in the arched arched construction.

2.) Choose style with buckles and straps

In addition to keeping your soles and feet in place, high heels with adjustable straps and buckles can ensure that your heels fit snugly against your feet. These strips would help avoid unnecessary chafing and irritation from wearing heels. In addition, blisters and any discomfort may be significantly less.